Welsh Immersion Information for Year 6 Parents

Catrin Pritchard,  the headteacher at Ysgol Morgan LLwyd, would like to share their plans for this year’s Open Evening/Immersion course with the county’s English-medium primary schools. 

  1. We are holding a virtual “Open Evening”. A link to this interactive event will be on our website – www.ysgolmorganllwyd.cymru – on Monday, October 12th, and will stay on the website until the end of half term. 
  2. This interactive event will include information about the school’s highly successful Welsh Immersion course as well as general information about the school, its departments, and facilities. 
  3. We are also holding 2 live Teams meetings for parents/children who would like to speak with us directly/ask questions about the school : (i) Monday, October 19th, 5pm-6pm (for Welsh speakers); (ii) Tuesday, October 20th, 5pm-6pm (in English). We are happy to organise further Teams meetings/phone calls with individual parents at their request. 
  4. Parents need to register their interest by completing this form (available on our website): https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Ug4_TzS3ZEGUCRtgHRR5kwyZVunXCkJJgTq76di-sKxUN0YzVEFDOUM2NlNJTTcxUlVPNzFHUkhTTC4u