SAP – At Maes Y Mynydd our aim is that all our pupils will have the opportunity to participate in at least 1 SAP session during their time with us. 

SAP (Student Assistance Programme)

The topics covered in each session are as follows:-

  1. My life
  2. My feelings
  3. How to deal with my feelings e.g. anger
  4. Protecting my feelings
  5. Who can i trust? who is safe?
  6. Friendships
  7. Getting along with grown-ups
  8. Celebration

Lego therapy

This group is designed to support pupils with their social and emotional skills. It encourages good listening, eye contact and turn taking.

Unearthing – this is a 1 to 1 scripted intervention to support pupils in making sense of themselves and those around them.

Draw and Talk

This is 1 to 1 time with a trained practitioner, designed to give pupils the time they need to express themselves in a supportive and creative environment. 

Wellbeing Manager 

Jane Hand is a qualified counsellor of children and young people and oversees the wellbeing of all pupils. Her expertise can be utilised at any time by pupils, staff and parents. 

Trauma Informed

We have three members of staff who are qualified trauma informed practitioners. 

Community Cafe

We have strong links with Rhos Community Cafe. Here they provide food and fuel banks and emotional support for families. As a school, we hold a non-uniform day at the end of each half term to raise funds for the food/fuel bank with all proceeds going back to supporting our local community.  Through these strong links, we are able to support parents in accessing this service. We have also referred families for Rotary Christmas toy bags should they be struggling to provide for their children.