It’s been an anxious year! BRAND NEW online course from the Solihull Approach (NHS)

It’s been an anxious year for many adults, children and young people alike. We know many of you are worried about the impact of the pandemic on your children.

BRAND NEW!! Online course ‘Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing’ from the Solihull Approach (NHS).

Access for free:

Did you know Public Health Wales have PRE-PAID for every parent and carer in Wales to access a course for parents/carers (access now for life-long access)? FREE (with access code: NWSOLor SWSOL for residents in our area. There are courses for parents, carers and grandparents about children from bump to 19+ years.

How do I access?

What’s the code?

·         If you haven’t used it already here is the access code for all the online courses (funded for residents): NWSOLor SWSOL 

  • If, like many parents, you have already used this code, log into your account here and this course will be ready in your dashboard to start whenever you are ready.

Can I tell my family and friends?

Absolutely! Share the news with family members and other families in the area so that they too can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

How long is it?

‘Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing’ itself is in 2 parts (2 modules long in total):

1.       Take Part 1….

2.       …then take ‘Understanding your child’ OR ‘Understanding your child with additional needs (11 modules each taking 10-15 minutes to complete, benefitting from time to digest in between)….

3.       …then take Part 2.

If you like this…

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